Print size:297x420mm (A3) Canvas size:435x635mm
Print size:297x420mm (A3) Canvas size:435x635mm
Et Voila!
Here are some photos as promised of the artist prints, for sale tomorrow alongside
plenty of delicious prints by Ponk and Amour at
The Rarekind gallery, 39 Bethnal Green Rd, London.
First off NYLON
Print size:297x420mm (A3) Canvas size: 435x635mm
We have made a limited run of 25 prints per artist, all one colour onto raw canvas.
Print size: 297x420mm (A3) Canvas size: 435x635mm
Print size: 297x420mm (A3) Canvas size: 435x635mm
Print size: 297x420mm (A3) Canvas size: 436x635mm
Print size: 297x420mm (A3) Canvas size: 435x635mm

Print size: 297x420mm (A3) Canvas size: 435x635mm
KID ACNE hell yeah!
Print size: 297x420mm (A3) Canvas size: 435x635mm

Print size: 297x420mm (A3) Canvas size: 435x635mm
The allmighty SOLO ONE
Print size: 297x420mm (A3) Canvas size: 435x635mm
Its all very last minute and we've been so busy organising it, but we're lucky enought to be moving the 1001 Nights exhibition to The Rare Kind Gallery in Londons East end!!
The opening is on Thursday 11th June at 5.30
With a little help from our friends over at Play nice

The opening night at the Emporium kicked off with a bang on Friday, a great turn out.
A big thank you to all the artists involved and DJ Type who provided us with a seemless set.

For those of you who couldnt make it to the opening party we'll be open from 6 - 8pm over the next two weeks, pop in if your passing after work.

We have 4 new artists added to the roster for the forthcoming exhibition.

Check out Solo One, Fary, Kid Acne & Elph now!

& keep your eyes peeled for the prints!

Solo One

Solo one began writing graffiti in 1987. Since then he has worked his way around the planet working in a variety of mediums.
He works in a small South london studio creating hand painted artwork for collectors.


Fary is a graffiti artist, illustrator from nottingham, is currently studying for a BA hons in illustration at UWE. He's inspired by the simple and colourful designers of the 1950s.
One of his biggest inspirations comes from the John Kricfalusi creation of Ren and Stimpy. He remembers drawing Ren and Stimpy when it first came on TV in the early 90s. Now, 18 years later he enjoys interacting word and image together in his drawings. He like to break down observations in to less complicated shapes and colours that he can understand. All this just keeps him as far away as possible from the bane of his life, maths

Kid Acne

Kid Acne was born in Malawi in 1978. His career as an artist began with an appearance on Rolf's Cartoon Club at the age of twelve. Within a year, he'd taken up graffiti and was in hospital recovering from a bad acid trip. Neither was related to Rolf in any way. Nowadays, his work can be seen throughout the world; from tags backstage in Vienna to gallery shows in New York.

He doesn't use stencils and he still has Acne


Elph started writing graffiti around Edinburgh in 1989 after finding a copy of Subway Art, whilst accompanying a friend on a Role Playing Game Book thieving mission. Already inspired by comic books and Lord of the Rings, another world of adventure opened up.
Consuming all the imagery he could find, Zap Comics, Heavy Metal and Juxtapoz fed the 'visual addiction'. Studying at the Mie One School of Letters, plus a HND course in Illustration which accidentally led to a career in graphic design.
Lately anime and manga have fed the eyeballs but the inspiration is wide.

Joining the Many Styles crew in 1994 and founding Los Vampyrs in 1998, Elph
continues to draw, paint and play with type as much as he can.

Get ready....we're back!

New artists...New space...New show!

Prints Prints Prints
Fab Five Fresh Prints now available from Studio Amour

Hand screen printed artworks by Pref, Dibo, Paris, Dora & Nylon can be yours for the princely sum of 25 of your finest english pounds.
Dont delay buy one today because they're getting snapped up quick

Email to get your print shipped directly.
(view prints below)
PrefHand screen print on raw canvas. Ltd edition run of 25. £25
Print size: 297x420mm (A3) Canvas size: 435x635mm

Hand screen print on raw canvas. Ltd edition run of 25. £25
Print size: 297x420mm (A3) Canvas size: 435x635mm

Hand screen print on raw canvas. Ltd edition run of 25. £25
Print size: 297x420mm (A3) Canvas size: 435x635mm

Hand screen print on raw canvas. Ltd edition run of 25. £25
Print size: 297x420mm (A3) Canvas size: 435x635mm
Hand screen Print on raw canvas. Ltd edition run of 25 prints. £25
Print size: 297x420mm (A3) Canvas size: 435x635mm

Studio Amour is fabric design and print studio founded in 2007 and based in Bristol.

In an industry dominated by digital design and production we are concerned to keep alive old flourishing traditional methods and craftsmanship.

Our main focus is the production of hand printed art works and fabric with a particular interest in one off or small runs for furnishing or architectural purposes and Interior decoration.

To promote the cause of hand printing over the machine, Studio Amour has decided to hold bi-monthly exhibitions featuring the work of local and international Graffiti artists, Designers, Makers and Friends.

We present you are first show,

One Thousand and One Nights

New exhibition opening on the 19th December
featuring artwork by:
Ponk . Aimee . Pref . Nylon . Dora . Paris . Dibo

Private view 19th December 7-10pm
Gallery Open Sat.20th-Sun.21st

At: StudioAmour, Tin Shed, off Gloucester Rd, behind the Robin Hood Retreat Pub.

Aimee’s screenprints capture the tensions and gracefulness of movement, drawing from old and new traditions of mark making.

Influenced by the fluency and balance of Japanese brushstroke and graphic street art, she produces one off lengths of printed fabric and paper suitable for large scale commissions. Aimee works from her studio in Bristol, where she hosts international graphic art exhibitions curated alongside her partner.

A joint interest in Graffiti has led to this present collaboration. Combining contrasting techniques proves to be both a challenge and a source of creative inspiration.


A Bristol based artist working in graffiti for over ten years, Ponk takes the essentials of graffiti letterforms, such as outlines, shading and highlights and adds his own fresh twist.

By contorting, extruding and embellishing shapes and patterns he creates his own style, making every piece look different from the last.

Often opting for a collaborative approach, Ponk enjoys the camaraderie and creativity of working together on a piece considering the overall composition of the wall in order to create the finished look of the production


Please read the following and add your mark in the space provided,

Graffiti is Graffiti,
Art is Art,
"Urban Art" is neither,
"Lets face it -Urban art is shite"



In over 20 years of painting PARIEES has mastered hand-styles, dubs,bubble letters, block busters, wild styles, straight letters & productions.

In all this time he has only "fannied about" with stencils once or twice. Neither has he ever produced a volume of work based mainly on post-punk icons or monkeys with machine guns, or nuns wearing barcodes and bazookas.

How certain so-called artists have the nerve to do this, and still sleep at night, then say "I dont think tagging is artistic" blah blah blah is beyond him...

Those guilty of the above are "Urban artists", something the world, and especially the Graffiti world could very well do without....

Sleep tight xxx


This versatile creator began his career realizing murals in a town near Alicante, called Petrer.

From the beginning his work was based on illustration & the discipline that developed alongside Graffiti which lead him to study animation and graphic design as tool to develop his

creative work.

Nowadays, Dibone is a great designer and draughtsman taking part in many international events.

His work is loaded with dynamism, alluding to a world painted with primary colours and plenty of figures that are twisted in his own physics.


Dora has been working as a professional artist for 10 years and is one of the very few successful female British urban artists working both on the street and in galleries today. Based in Bristol, her distinctive style encompasses Graffiti, illustrative ink, drawing on reclaimed wood and canvas and reflects her many Influences from art nouveau, Japanese prints, modern day burlesque and 50’s tattoo design all entwined within natural free flowing forms. Her collaborations include; Paris, Milk, Rowdy and Hine. and her designs have been seen on the streets of Bristol, Berlin and London.


In 1001 nights time (about three years) the campaign for the 2012 Olympics will be in full swing.Over recent years London councils have begun to paint over track side graffiti with a view to have completely eliminated most of the eyesore by the time the games begin. This campaign is thought to intensify over the next few years pushing a zero tolerance approach to the railway sidings not just painting over everything once, but returning to paint over again and again walls which become re vandalised.

This horrible brown colored paint (hence the brown colour for the print) has wiped out pieces and walls which have never been painted over before.Traveling far out on overground sections of the tube and british rail networks alike taking out everything in view. The result is that our history as we know it is being eliminated. Pieces that have been a familiar part of the scenery for years, old names which have since retired and in some cases even died and Pieces which have been left for years out of respect by other writers now faded and disappearing into the moss covered brickwork are being mindlessly eradicated.

Stop the buff

Save our history

Pref 2008

The lowbrow pop art of Vinnie Nylon

Vinnie Nylon attended Suffolk College of art and design as well as the Brighton College of technology in the 90's where he began to branch out onto graphic design for the world of skateboarding, clothing and record companies. His visual language is built upon years of exposure to the wacky world of post war advertising, candy packaging, cartoons, sign writing, graffiti and produt design. "A place where all the collections and obsessions of my life collide"

Viwers will find crows sat on top of glass vases or perhaps a giant manicule morphing into a trumpet, pouring out notes of cartoon soda pop drips! 1050's housewives and admen draw your attention to the wonders of consumerism... "Luxury SHE desires at a price HE can afford" The underlying message often taken way out of context and given a savage twist in this visual soup. One mermaid like creature battles with her own hand spraying insecticide as she is invaded by bugs and creepy crawlies in the screen print "Death by aerosol" All of the candy coloured joy of this imagery is served up with a dose of wit and irony, leading us to the conclusion that things are rarely as the first appear.